Activating your Carrier Services

Once all the required services have been configured, you can activate them so that you can start making allocations and/or returning delivery options (using Delivery Options).

If you are setting up Shipping in conjunction with Metapack's Customer Implementation team, then they will raise a change request on your behalf to activate the services. Otherwise, proceed as below, assuming that your Administrator Login is associated with the required permissions (if not, please contact Metapack support).


Log into the Delivery Manager Delta environment using the Administrator Login and Password that were generated when your account was set up. Only once your configuration is working satisfactorily in the Delta environment, should you copy it to your own Production environment.

Click Setup:


Service Approval and Activation

Proceed as follows:

  1. Move down to the Carriers and Services panel and click the Configure Carriers button:

  2. The Services panel on the resultant Carriers and Services screen (refer to Configuring your Carrier Services) displays the services that are ready to be activated (indicated by an amber icon).

    The next step depends on whether you require carrier approval before starting to generate manifests. If so, then you should proceed to step 3. If no prior approval of the carrier labels is required, then move straight to step 4.

  3. Click Activate for approval. You can either click Activate all for approval at the top of the screen to secure approval for all services with an amber status, or else activate them individually.

    Once a service has been activated for approval, it is displayed as green with an amber triangle. This means that the service has been activated, but, although it is available for allocation, no manifests will be sent. This allows you to print a label and send it to the carrier for approval. Once approval has been secured, move to the next and final step.

  4. Provided that you have carrier approval, click Activate for live. You can either click Activate all for live at the top of the screen, or else activate the services individually.

    Once a service has been 'activated for live', this means that manifests can now be sent to the carrier following allocation (in the production environment only - see the note below).


    In the Delta environment, Activate for live has no effect beyond Activate for approval, which means that no manifests are ever sent. However, in the production environment, Activate for live does allow manifests to be sent to the carrier following allocation.

Getting started

  1. Configuring your Default Warehouse

  2. Adding Warehouses and Changing your Default Warehouse (Optional)

  3. Adding Carriers to your Account

  4. Adding a Carrier

  5. Configuring your Carrier Services

    1. Setting up the Carrier Costs

    2. Setting up the Carrier Charges (Only required if displaying charges via Delivery Options)

  6. Activating your Carrier Services

  7. Creating your Carrier 'Service Groups' (Optional but recommended)

  8. Creating and Allocating a test Consignment

  9. Adding New Users and Locking a User to a Warehouse (Optional)