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What is Delivery Options?

Delivery Options allows you to check which shipping services are able to fulfil a consumer's order within a specified timeframe.

You can then display these results on the product and checkout pages of your eCommerce website. This ensures that you only show consumers the services that can fulfil their orders, while also giving them accurate delivery dates.

Delivery Options uses an API to query the delivery address and product details of each order against the warehouse availability and carrier services set up in Delivery Manager (refer to Configuring Shipping and Allocation). The API returns only those services that can meet the specific requirements of each order.

Because Delivery Options is integrated with the Metapack shipping platform, any changes to warehouse working days, carrier availability and selection rules, are automatically reflected in the options that are returned by the API.

How can it help me?

Slow and inconvenient delivery choices are a key reason for online basket abandonment. The use of Delivery Options means that you can easily personalise the choices by offering only those carrier services that can deliver a particular parcel to the consumer's postcode within a specified timeframe.

Simply showing fixed shipping options at your checkout (as shown on the left) means that you may present services that you cannot fulfil, Delivery Options allows you to present a range of precise delivery choices both on product pages and at checkout, so that consumers know exactly when their parcels will be delivered (as shown on the right):


Using a single lightweight integration for all your sites, Delivery Options makes it much simpler to manage changes, as compared with using hard-coded options or multiple carrier integrations.

Which Services can I access through Delivery Options?

Because Delivery Options connects you to the Metapack shipping platform, you gain immediate access to the world’s largest carrier and collection point library through a single integration.

Home Delivery

You can access almost 5,000 home delivery services from over 400 carriers, including the following service types:

  • Economy

  • Next Day

  • Nominated Day

  • Timed


For the creation and use of the carrier 'service groups' that map to these service types, refer to Setup.

Collection Points

With over 350,000 PUDO locations worldwide, you can display convenient collection points to your consumers, regardless of the markets you are serving.

Click and Collect

You can display collection options at your own stores to reduce shipping costs and drive footfall into your own branded locations. Refer to Setting up your Own Stores.

I've never integrated an API before. What do I need to learn?

Don't worry, we take care of the setup of your retailer configuration and API key, and we will even help with the initial API calls.

However, you will need to provide the front end design input so that you are then ready to integrate the options returned by the API calls. We can leverage experience with other sellers to help you provide a first-class checkout experience.


Refer to Understanding REST if you've not used such an API before and you want to learn more. Most of the parameters are optional and, if you need to get started very quickly, you can return a wide range of realistic options by using just the few Basic Parameters.

How can I learn more?

If you are not yet a Delivery Options customer, you can contact our sales team to arrange a consultation, either online or in person, at a time that best suits you.

If you are an existing customer, and need help with the product, click here for support.


If you are new to the product, then downloading and running some of the API calls in the Postman Collection is a good place to start.

Setup Checklist

The following are the main steps to get you up and running with Delivery Options :