Creating your Carrier 'Service Groups'

It is highly recommended, for allocation purposes, that you group the services to which you have subscribed, into meaningful 'service groups'.

For example, you can group all those services that offer 48-hour delivery into the same '48 hour' group. This will enable you to offer the most appropriate services for each consignment, in both Delivery Manager and Delivery Options. You should ensure in particular that:

  • A carrier 'service group' is set up for each service type ('Economy/Standard', 'Next Day', 'Nominated', 'Timed', etc.). Refer to Carrier 'Service Group' Examples. Each group should contain only the carrier services that can fulfil the particular requirement.

  • Any allocation rules are set up (refer to Creating your own Allocation Rules).


Log into the Delivery Manager Delta environment using the Administrator Login and Password that were generated when your account was set up. Only once your configuration is working satisfactorily in the Delta environment, should you copy it to your own Production environment.

Click Setup:


Service Group Configuration

Proceed as follows:

  1. Move down to the Services Groups panel and click the Service Groups button:

  2. On the Service Groups screen that is displayed, click Create Service Group to display the dialog shown in the following example:


    You will see that all the services that were previously configured (refer to Configuring your Carrier Services) are available for selection in the new service group.

  3. Give the new group a Code and Group Name (e.g. 48 and 48 Hours, respectively), and, if required, add a Service Group Description (e.g. Services that offer delivery within 2 days).


    For a comprehensive list of examples, refer to Carrier 'Service Groups'.

  4. Highlight the required service(s) in the left hand column, and click Add to move these services to the right hand column, e.g.

  5. Click Save in the top right hand corner of the screen to return to the Service Groups, where you will see your new service group displayed.

  6. Repeat from step 2 to create further service groups (e.g. Next Day, and so on).

Carrier 'Service Group' Examples

The following Delivery Manager examples show groups that might be created. When any of those groups are included in a call, the delivery options for carrier services included in those groups, are returned in order of cost (lowest first).

Economy/Standard Delivery
Nominated Day Delivery
Timed Delivery
Next Day

Getting started

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  2. Adding Warehouses and Changing your Default Warehouse (Optional)

  3. Adding Carriers to your Account

  4. Adding a Carrier

  5. Configuring your Carrier Services

    1. Setting up the Carrier Costs

    2. Setting up the Carrier Charges (Only required if displaying charges via Delivery Options)

  6. Activating your Carrier Services

  7. Creating your Carrier 'Service Groups' (Optional but recommended)

  8. Creating and Allocating a test Consignment

  9. Adding New Users and Locking a User to a Warehouse (Optional)