Configuring your Default Warehouse

This section takes you through the configuration of your initial warehouse.

What do we mean by a Warehouse?

We use 'warehouse' to refer to any location from which you are shipping orders. This could, for example, be a distribution centre, store or logistics channel.


Log into the Delivery Manager Delta environment using the Administrator Login and Password that were generated when your account was set up. Only once your configuration is working satisfactorily in the Delta environment, should you copy it to your own Production environment.

Click Setup:


Warehouse Configuration

  1. Move down to the Warehouses panel and click the button of the same name:

  2. On the Setup Warehouses page that is displayed, you will see that the initial default warehouse is listed. Click on it, to display the screen shown in the following example:

  3. Provided that no consignments have yet been allocated, you can modify the Warehouse Code and Warehouse Name if required.


    The supported characters for a warehouse code are as follows:


  4. Verify the Warehouse Details and ensure that you specify the days on which carriers can collect from the warehouse, and add the dates of any holidays when collections will not be possible. This allows the Allocation engine to exclude the associated carrier services on the days when the warehouse is closed.

  5. Click Save at the top of the screen.


If you need to create further warehouses, refer to Adding Warehouses.

If you require a different location to be the default from where you ship, refer to Changing your Default Warehouse.