Returns Page

Delivery Tracker now supports the tracking of Returns.

Whether you're a stand-alone or a Delivery Manager customer, you need to integrate via our Tracking API.

To find out how, please refer to the Tracking API quick start.

This article will explain what’s different on the Returns state page in the Delivery Tracker, as well as the panels you can edit.

  1. On the Returns page, you will see a panel with messaging related to returns. This messaging changes depending on the status of the return.

    The progress bar is also different, with statuses relating directly to returns:

  2. Once the return has been received and the retailer has accepted and approved the refund, you will see the following:

  3. The panels you can show on your Returns page include the following:

    1. A refund panel

    2. A help panel

    3. An advert panel

    4. A feedback panel

    5. A social panel

    When in the Returns page state you can only edit one panel, the refund panel:

  4. To edit, please ensure you have toggled the edit mode on in the top right hand corner of the page:

  5. To edit any other panel, please return to the out for delivery page state: