Analyse the completeness of carrier tracking data


The ability to accurately report on a parcels journey once it has been despatched requires complete tracking data. Without it, it’s difficult to determine whether a parcel has been delivered and the status of a parcel in a carrier’s network.

In this article we’re going to show you how to use the Carrier delivery confirmation rate report to identify the number of parcels a specific carrier has with incomplete tracking.



Incomplete tracking means any parcel scanned into the carrier network with no end-of-life event. For example, delivered, cancelled, lost, and more.

  1. Filter Carrier and click Update, so that you’re focusing on one specific carrier and how many parcels they have with incomplete tracking data.

  2. Hover your cursor over the Incomplete box. This tells you the total number of parcels this carrier has with incomplete tracking.

  3. You’ll also find other crucial information. This includes parcels with completed tracking, parcels in your network, untracked parcels, and Manifested parcels.

    You’re able to drill down on this information if you require further detail.

    You can share this with a carrier if you feel the completeness of their tracking data needs improving. This enables you to accurately report on a parcels journey once it has left the warehouse.