Adding a Hosted Font

What is a hosted font?

A hosted font is a web font, that you can download and add to your branded tracking page.

This ensures that the font displayed is consistent across all browsers. With Delivery Tracker you can add hosted fonts from Google and Adobe.

Why add one?

Adding a hosted font helps add brand consistency to your tracking page.

Customers will associate your brand with the hosted font you use, irrelevant of what browser they’re using.

Adding a hosted font to your brand’s tracking page
  1. To add a hosted font to your tracking page, on the Fonts page, click Add a hosted font.


    You’ll then be presented with a drop down. This is where you select your provider, either Adobe or Google.

  2. Select your provider, for this example, we’ll use Google.

  3. Enter the CSS code for the font family you'd like to use.

  4. Give the font family a name, in our example we're adding Roboto.

  5. Click Next. You’ve now added a hosted font to your branded tracking page.

Preview your page to ensure the new font has loaded.

In case fonts fail to load, we will default back to noto-sans.


In order to set your hosted font live, you will need to re-publish your tracking page.