Monitor the status of shipments that are due for despatch


To run an efficient warehouse and track despatch performance, it's important to have an overview of parcels with issues and their status.

This article will show you how to use the Ageing warehouse parcels report to identify all parcels with issues.

This helps you decide which parcel status you need to focus on, to improve warehouse efficiency. Minimise unnecessary delays and get stuck parcels despatched from the warehouse.

  1. Use the Planned Despatch Date filter to show everything that is due to leave today. You can now see all parcels due for despatch and their status.

  2. You’ll see the status of each parcel and the exact number currently residing in that status.

  3. Right click to Show All. This enables you to drill down further on a specific status.



For a more detailed breakdown of a specific status, check out the other reports under the Warehouse (Live) dashboard.