Adding a Carrier

Connect to a new carrier in a few simple steps

If you’re looking to ship, track or return with a new carrier, Metapack supports both API and EDI integrations.

In this guide, we will explain how to configure a new carrier in Metapack’s user interface. It takes less than 10 minutes.


EDI integrations offer faster label response speeds than API integrations but cannot be activated solely through the user interface.

If you see the message when trying to add a carrier, instead please refer to Requesting Carrier for your Account.

What to have ready

  1. You carrier account information, such as:

    1. Account number

    2. Account country

    3. Account postal code

    4. The list of services you want to activate

    5. Your contracted rates and charges

  2. Your warehouse's set-up in Delivery Manager

  3. The address of your primary shipping location

Add a new carrier

  1. Log into Delivery Manager and from your top-nav menu bar, click Setup:

  2. Scroll down the Setup screen to Carriers & Services, click Manage Carriers:

  3. Click Add a new carrier:

  4. Search for the carrier you want to add and click on the logo to select it, then click Continue:

  5. Click Continue to add a contract:


You have now enabled this carrier to your account. But before you ship, track and return with this carrier you will need to add your contract details and carrier costs in.


You're only able to create a contract for a carrier that is enabled for self-service. If the carrier is not self-service, please raise a change request in our customer portal.


Create a contract

Next you will need to add your contract details. Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter a name for the contract. The name should be unique and descriptive:



Certain carriers may require you to accept their terms and conditions. If this is the case, review the terms and conditions, check the box, and click Continue.

Add services

  1. Once you have created your contract, you will need to enable at least one service by clicking on the check boxes.

  2. Then select whether All Warehouse or just Selected warehouses can use each service using the radio box. Once you have finished selecting the services and warehouse, click Continue:

  3. You must enable at least one service for one warehouse to proceed.

Add the carrier account details

  1. Add your contact details, your primary shipping origin details, and key account details. If you don't know these, contact the relevant carrier:


Add carrier costs

The final step is adding your carrier rates (costs) for this contract. You will need to enter a cost for each service you have enabled for this carrier before you can start shipping.

There are three different ways you can add your carrier costs:

  1. Add a rate for all shipping locations. This is the simplest way to add your rates. For each service, you set a single rate for all locations.

  2. Add a cost per service for a specific area/zone. This allows you to set rates defined by the carrier for each service for a specific area/location.

  3. Add costs later. This will skip the cost set-up process for now. But this option will give you to access a more advanced cost set-up screen later. Here you can add complex cost logic based on factors such as weights, area and more.


Adding carrier costs can be skipped during the carrier set-up wizard. However, you will have to set costs before shipping with a new carrier. Learn more about cost rules.

Adding rates for all locations

  1. Click the first box that says “Specify one set of shipping costs for your selected services and cost areas”:

  2. For each service, enter the base rate under first parcel:

  3. If you have a discounted rate for additional parcels enter this under additional parcels.

  4. The costs you enter for each service will apply to all locations. Once you have finished entering in costs all services click Save and finish.

Adding costs for a specific area/zone

  1. Click the second box that says “Specify shipping costs per service cost for each area”:

  2. Select the relevant cost area you want to add costs for from the drop down:

  3. You can then enter the rate for the first parcel, as well as any additional parcels for this specific service and specific location:

  4. Once you have finished adding costs for each service and location, click Save and finish.

Adding costs later

  1. Click the third box that says “specify costs later. Save and finish setup now”:

  2. You won’t be able to ship with this carrier until you add costs in. So, whenever you are ready, read: Setting up the Carrier Costs.

Complete carrier set-up

If you want to make any changes, click Back to navigate to the relevant page, make the changes, and click Continue to move back to the Confirm page.