Editing the colour of Exception Messages

What is an exception message?

An exception message is an alert that lets the consumer know there might be an issue with their delivery.

Why are they important?

They can help you automatically manage customer expectations. Whilst also keeping them informed regarding their delivery.

This reduces impact issues and can help avoid consumers calling up asking where their order is.

Editing the Exception Message Panel

On your tracking page you can edit the background and font colour of your exception messages.

To do this click View and then change page state to Exception.


Ensure you are in Edit mode by toggling it on in the top right-hand corner.


To edit the colour of your exception message hover over the correct panel and click Edit Panel.


You can now select what colours you would like to use for your exception message. This includes Background colour and ‘i’ in progress icon and text colour.


Once happy with your colour selection, which you can preview directly above, click Save and close.

The updated colours for your exception message will now be visible on your tracking page in edit mode.

In order to set the colour of your exception message live, you will need to publish or re-publish your tracking page.