Configuring returns carrier services

Before you can offer either return label service to your customers, you must first select and configure the carriers and services associated with your Metapack shipper account that will allow returns.

To set up your carrier services for returns:

  1. Log into your Metapack environment.

  2. Select the required returns carriers and services.

  3. Configure the services as normal but pay special attention to the following:

    1. When adding the Number ranges, ensure that the numbers you enter for parcel returns have been agreed with the carrier.

    2. When adding Carrier Connection Details, select Add new manifest carrier connection if you want to add the returns to manifest.

    3. Use the Pickup transaction type only for returns that include integrated pickup request.

    4. Use the Delivery transaction type for all other types of returns, such as drop-off returns, collection returns without pickup request, and generic returns that combine the two options.

  4. Set up the returns-specific costs.

  5. Activate the newly configured carrier services.

  6. Create one or more carrier 'service groups' containing the carrier services.

After completing these steps, you can create and allocate returns consignments for the specified carrier services.