Creating an Image-based Advert

To create an image-based advert, first ensure that you are in Edit Mode and that you have clicked Edit Panel with your mouse over the advert panel (refer to Add Content to your Branded Page).

Selecting Image-based as your advert type

If you haven’t yet selected an advert type, it will ask you to select one of two:

  1. Image-based adverts

  2. Templated adverts

Choose Image-based advert then click Continue.


If you have previously selected the Templated advert type you will need to switch advert type by clicking Switch to Image-based advert style located at the top right of the modal.

Uploading Imaged-based Adverts

To ensure that your advert is responsive to both desktop and mobile devices, you must upload your advert image in two different sizes for each language you have enabled:

  1. For the desktop version, upload an image of width 1968 pixels x height 800 pixels.

  2. For the smartphone version, upload an image of width 640 pixels x height 800 pixels.


Advert images must be uploaded in either JPG or PNG format. The maximum file size allowed is 2 mb.

Images must be of the exact dimensions specified above, to maintain quality and image ratios.

An uploaded image can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon.

Translating Image-based Adverts

Each image you upload can be assigned to one of the pages active Selected Languages.

Assigning Images to Languages Manually

To assign a language click on Language unassigned and select the language you wish to assign. You can also resign languages through the same process.

Assigning Images to Languages Automatically

You can automatically assign images to languages during the upload by using naming a convention.

To do this you need to add the correct ISO 639-1 language code into the file name as follows:

[filename][DOT][2 Digital Country Code][DOT][image format]

For example:

If you wanted to assign the following file: Summerdresses.jpg to the French automatically. You can rename it to: Summerdresses.FR.jpg then upload it.

Setting Alt Tags and URLs to your advert

Once you have selected a desktop and mobile advert image for each active language click Continue.



For each active language you need to set the:

  • Advert URL, by entering a web link for the advert

  • Image Alt tag, to set an image description for accessibility purposes


If you have adverts for other languages, ensure that you fill out your Advert URL and Alt tag to reflect these other languages. Otherwise they will use whatever you applied for your default advert.