IOSS Numbers

If you want to make use of the IOSS, you will have to do one of the following:

  • Get your own IOSS number if your business makes only direct sales to EU consumers.

  • Or use the IOSS number of any electronic interfaces that you use if your business makes only marketplace or platform sales to EU consumers.

  • Or do both of the above if your business has a combination of direct and marketplace/platform sales to EU consumers.

IOSS registration options for getting your own IOSS number

The method that you must use to get an IOSS number depends on whether your business is established in any EU member state.

IOSS registration method

EU-established online sellers

Non-EU-established online sellers


You can register for the IOSS in the EU member state where your business is established.


An EU-established online seller can also choose to appoint an intermediary to represent it for the purpose of the IOSS, but this is not mandatory.

You can register directly only if:

  • Your business is established in a country with which the EU has a VAT mutual assistance agreement.

  • The goods are supplied from that country to the EU.

If you meet both of these conditions, you can register directly in the EU member state of your choosing.


(Not applicable)

In most cases, you must register for the IOSS indirectly through the appointment of an intermediary that you have appointed to represent you, and the EU member state of the registration will be the member state where the intermediary has established its business.

Getting your own IOSS number

To get an IOSS number for your business:

  1. Go to the website of the tax authority of an EU member state and find the IOSS/VAT OSS registration section, for example, Ireland.


    The tax authority website that you select depends on whether you must register for IOSS indirectly or you have the option to register directly.

  2. Select direct or indirect registration, as applicable.

  3. Provide details about your business.

  4. Provide details about any previous VAT OSS tax reference numbers assigned to your business.

After registration, you will be issued an IOSS identification number, which is valid for all distance sales of imported goods made to buyers in the EU.


You should keep your IOSS number confidential.

Do I need more than one IOSS number?

Each online seller that wants to make use of the IOSS needs to have only one IOSS number.


If an online seller sells goods through marketplaces or platforms that are also IOSS-registered, the IOSS number of the electronic interface used for a transaction should be used for any shipments relating to that transaction.

How do I use an IOSS number in the Shipping API or Delivery Manager?

An IOSS number should be supplied only for applicable shipments. It must be provided at consignment level, not at account level. If carriers require IOSS information at parcel level, the IOSS number of a consignment will be applied to each parcel in that consignment.


From 1 July 2021, the absence or presence of an IOSS number in the details of a shipment will probably be significant for most carriers:

  • The presence of a valid IOSS number will generally be regarded as a declaration that VAT has been collected and that the IOSS will be used to pay VAT to the relevant tax authority.

  • The absence of an IOSS number might be regarded as an indicator that VAT should be collected at the point of import into the EU.


Metapack will not validate any IOSS numbers or check the EUR 150 IOSS threshold. If a carrier validates an IOSS number, it might check only the minimum length of the number.