IOSS Operational Readiness

If you decide that your business needs to make use of the IOSS, you will need to do the following to ensure that your business is operationally ready:

  • Get an IOSS number for your business (if necessary).

  • Consult with Metapack and other parties.

  • Carry out some due diligence activities.

Verifying that your carriers can support you

If you want your business to make use of the IOSS, you should consult any carriers you use to verify that they can support the IOSS. It is possible that some of your carriers have not yet completed making all the changes that they might need to make to ensure IOSS support.

Changing your integration with the Shipping API

If your business has an integration with the Shipping API, you should review it to determine whether you need to make any changes to support the IOSS.

Auditing and updating your IT systems

Before making use of the IOSS, you should:

  • Audit the data used for your online sales to ensure that the product descriptions and harmonised codes are accurate.

  • Determine whether the prices of your products include or exclude VAT and make changes as appropriate to comply with IOSS requirements.