Activity log

This log allows you to view all the admin. portal activities during the last 90 days.

This allows you, for example, to identify any changes that you may wish to revert in order to restore a brand to its previous state.

Each log entry is comprised of:

  • The Date and time. The activities are listed in either ascending or descending order, depending on the direction of the adjacent arrow - click on the arrow to reverse the listing.

  • The Delivery Manager User who made the change(s) (refer to Set up your Users and Roles).

  • The Brand.

  • The Section of the tracking page that was changed, Click the drop-down to see the available selections.

  • The Activity completed. Click the drop-down arrow next to an activity to view the individual changes.

For example:


You can filter the log by Brand, Section and User.

For example, to view only the updates related to Returns, select Returns from the Section changed drop-down and click Apply, e.g.



Click Clear filters next to Apply to reset your selections.

Saving your selection

The Download current view as CSV button allows you to download the currently filtered view as a CSV file, so that you can save it for future reference.