Footer and Privacy Policy

You can modify your Privacy Policy URL as well as the footer colours.

To edit your footer, first ensure that you are in Edit Mode and that you have clicked Edit Panel with your mouse over the footer panel (refer to Add Content to your Branded Page).

Under Links, you can enter the new URL to your Privacy Policy:


Under the Footer colours part of the dialogue, you can modify the footer colours that you set up as part of the brand wizard:


To change the colours of the navigation text or background, click in the relevant Hex box and enter the Hex value of the required colour. You can enter it using either the keyboard or the colour picker that is displayed when you start typing in the box.

Click Save and close to store your changes.


As you enter valid information (e.g. Hex colours) the mini-preview in the panel will automatically update so that, prior to saving, you can visualise the impact of your proposed changes.