Editing your Brand's Tracking Page

You can edit the content of a tracking page using the admin portal.

To access the page editing tools, select Preview/edit tracking page on the brand's panel:



For the Activity log shown at the top of the page in the above screenshot, please refer to Activity log.

You are taken to the tracking page, which is not initially enabled for editing.

To make changes, first enable it for editing by toggling Edit Mode to ON in the top right hand hand corner of the page:



There is a chevron menu that drops down from the DT logo in the top left of the screen:

Notes on editing the page
  • The page is made up of a mixture of fixed panels (such as the delivery status at the top) and editable panels (such as the advert and social media panel).

  • Each editable panel is indicated by a pencil icon. To add content to one of these, click Edit Panel and follow the onscreen guidance. Your changes are displayed in a mini preview.

  • To toggle a panel on and off, click Show Panel then Hide Panel.

  • The Save and close button on each panel stores all your changes and returns you to the full page preview in Edit Mode, now updated with your changes.

What can I add/change/turn on or off?

You can do the following:

  1. Add or edit the current languages in which your tracking page can be displayed. Click Select Languages at the top of the page (refer to Additional Languages).

  2. Upload new translations for the editable panels. Click Manage translations at the top of the page (refer to Manage Translations).

  3. Edit the header by modifying the header colours and brand logo, and adding navigation links. Refer to Header and Navigation Links

  4. Edit the footer by modifying the footer colours and privacy policy URL. Refer to Footer and Privacy Policy.

  5. Add a Customer Messages.

  6. Turn the following on or off, and, with the exception of the Ratings panel, edit the content of individual elements:


After a page has been published, the positions of the editable panels will change dynamically in accordance with the particular stage of the delivery progress, so that consumers see the most relevant information. So, for example, the Returns and Exchanges panel (if activated) will be more prominent following delivery.

At each stage of a parcel's journey, the Social Media panel (if activated) will be resized automatically on a consumer's device to fill any gaps on the tracking page.