Brand Logo & Favicon

You can add a brand logo with a link and favicon to your tracking page. The fourth step of the brand wizard is where this takes place.

Although this is an optional step, we strongly recommend that you add your logo and favicon.

First off, to add a logo

  1. Click Add your logo and upload it at a minimum recommended size of width 440 x height 136 pixels, in either SVG or PNG format. The maximum file size allowed is one mb.

  2. You can also include a URL for consumers to go to if they click on your logo. The link will open in a new window.


The logo will appear in the header:



If you choose not to use a logo, the wording "Your Delivery" will be displayed in its place, with no URL.

The links next to the logo will be determined by the .navigation links that you add.

To add a favicon:

  1. Click Upload my own favicon and upload it in the required size of 260 x 260px and in PNG format.

  2. Click Upload your favicon image and select the favicon image you want to upload.


Once you’ve successfully uploaded your favicon, you’ll be shown a preview.


In order to set your brand logo and favicon live, you will need to re-publish your tracking page.


Safari and Firefox have a known caching problem. This may cause the customer to see older versions of your favicon. Clearing the cache or refreshing the page might resolve this issue.

Click Next to move to the Header and Footer colours.