Add Content to your Branded Page

Once you have created a brand, the Delivery Tracker admin. portal allows you to add content to customise your tracking page.

To edit the page content, select Preview/edit tracking page on the brand's panel:



If you wish to rerun the brand wizard instead, select Rerun setup wizard at the bottom of the menu. You will not be able to change the subdomain (refer to Previewing your Subdomain and Brand), but you can make other changes to your brand.

You are then taken to a screen where you can add content to your brand's page via a series of panels (refer to Editing your Brand's Tracking Page).

Once you have finished adding content to your tracking page, go to Publish your Page.

Getting started

  1. Set up your Users and Roles

  2. Create a Brand

  3. Add Content to your Branded Page

  4. Publish your Page

  5. Launch your Tracking URL

  6. Test your Page

  7. Getting the most from Delivery Tracker.