Create a Brand

What do we mean by a 'Brand'?

In Delivery Tracker, a 'brand' refers to a unique tracking page with its own subdomain, branding and page content.

Once you have logged into the Delivery Tracker admin. portal, you are taken to the Manage Brands screen, from where you can create a new brand or modify any of your existing brands.

Each brand is represented by a panel, and you can keep creating brands until you reach your maximum contracted number:


If you reach the maximum number of branded pages, the Add a new brand panel will be greyed out. You can purchase more brands by contacting your Delivery Tracker account manager.


Beneath each panel, Delivery Tracker displays the brand status, e.g. whether it is Published or Unpublished, and when the status last changed.

Why have multiple Brands?

You may want more than one brand if you need tracking pages that use different logos and branding. Or it could simply be that you are operating in different territories and you wish to create a different tracking page for each territory. Although you may want the same logo and branding throughout, the tracking page for each territory would have its own language, adverts, Google Analytics tracking, and social media links.

Creating your first Brand

If this is the first time that you have logged in, you will only see the Add a new brand option. Clicking on this option will run a brand wizard that guides you through the setup of the following:

Once you have set up your first branded tracking page, continue to Add Content to your Branded Page.