Welcome to the Help for Metapack's Delivery Tracker

Learn what this product does, how it works, and how to get set up…


What is Delivery Tracker?

Delivery Tracker is an order tracking page designed for eCommerce sellers.

Whether you ship with Metapack or not, Delivery Tracker can still benefit you, please contact us to find out more.

Delivery Tracker allows you to quickly deploy the tracking page and customise it with your own branding, content and tone of voice.

The tracking page allows your consumers to track the current delivery statuses of their eCommerce orders.

Because Delivery Tracker is integrated with the world's largest carrier management platform, it can display tracking information from over 400 carriers, and over 4,900 carrier services, for both home delivery and collection points.

Using Delivery Tracker's self-service admin. portal, you can quickly update your tracking page's adverts, navigation links, messages and optional panels, without the need for any coding.

How can it help me?

Eighty-two percent of consumers want their tracking to come from the seller. However, most sellers still send their consumers to third party sites to track the delivery statuses of their orders. This means that, if you are a seller, you lose control of the brand experience, together with any opportunity to mitigate negative aspects that could increase customer contact.

Consumers just want to know where their orders are. When they struggle to make sense of tracking information, this generates "Where is my order?" calls. With Delivery Tracker, tracking updates from carriers are converted into easy-to-understand messages in the consumer's local language, keeping customer service calls to a minimum.

In addition, you can take ownership of the brand experience by adding your own logos, colours and content, and encourage repeat orders by displaying adverts that link back to your eCommerce website.

What are the key features?

  • Create and manage multiple branded tracking pages using the self-service admin portal.

  • Localise tracking pages for different territories.

  • Brand each page with your own logos and colour schemes.

  • Provide tracking information before a order has been shipped with seller events.

  • Manage page content including adverts, navigation links, messages, returns, help and social media links.

  • Track orders from over 400 carriers across the globe.

  • Track both single and multi-parcel orders in a single page view.

  • Convert generic carrier tracking events into easy-to-understand update messages.

  • Track visitors and click-throughs using Google Analytics.

  • Fully responsive design that works on multiple device types, matching WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

  • Editor/publisher workflow to control the preview and publishing of page content.