Page Error Messages

Page loading error

Your consumers might sometimes see this message, followed by a series of other, more specific messages indicating the possible cause of the problem.


Possible causes of and remedies for this error message.


Possible Reasons


If your order was placed recently, it may not have tracking information yet.

The page link has been sent too early. The order has not yet been allocated or consigned, so the Delivery Tracker page cannot be displayed.

You need to ensure that the order has been allocated so that there is a trackable ID.

Your order is older than 90 days.

The consumer's order is outside the display window.

Refer the consumer to their confirmation email, which still holds the order details.

It's neither of the above reasons.

There could be a problem with the subdomain.

Ensure that your subdomain is active (refer to Brand Name and Subdomain).

There could be a problem with the construction of the URL.

Ensure that the URL format is correct (refer to Launch your Tracking URL).

Destination address error

Your consumers might sometimes see this message.


Delivery Tracker can handle destinations that do not include postal or Zip codes, but it displays an error message for any delivery destination where the postal/Zip code is omitted. If the message was caused by the destination being in a country where postal or Zip codes are not required, your consumers can ignore this message.