Cartonisation for Delivery Tracker

Cartonisation refers to the division of an "outer" or "parent" consignment, such as a pallet, into "inner" or "child" consignments ("cartons"), which are then linked to the parent for tracking purposes.


The setup for Delivery Tracker is the "Click and Collect" model, where the status(es) of an outer consignment is (are) applied to all of its inner consignments.

An inner consignment can have only one outer consignment.

Cartonisation allows labels and manifests to be generated for two independent legs of a journey, for separate carriers that have no relationship, and for the consignments to be tracked over both legs.

The first leg of the journey is the delivery of the outer and inner consignments to the seller's central distribution centre by a carrier or retailer fleet vehicle.

The second leg is the tracked transit of the inner consignments to local stores, and "delivery" is the consumer collection.


The parent-child linking means that a store receipt for the outer consignment and its subsequent cartonisation can be used as events to trigger emails for all of the inner consignments, so that the associated consumers are notified when their packages can be picked up.


For instructions about cartonising a consignment, see Cartonisation (parent-child).