Setting up your Own Stores

If you wish to track deliveries to your own stores for 'Click and Collect', then you need to ensure that you have set up your own stores in the Location Services database (refer to Getting Started for Location Services).

This allows Delivery Tracker to reference the latitude and longitude and opening and closing times so they can be displayed on a map:



Delivery Tracker can also display the statuses of orders delivered to PUDO (Pick Up, Drop off) locations along with opening hours, parking availability, and wheelchair access.

Delivery Tracker can identify external PUDO shipments automatically, and so, for these types of order, no further setup is required.

Tips for maintaining Own Stores

To help ensure a smooth consumer experience, you should ensure that:

  • the storeIds added via Location Services are unique;

  • any stores that are no longer open are removed, to avoid failed collections;

  • the store details (e.g. opening hours) are checked and updated on a regular basis.