Header and Navigation Links

You can change the logo, favicon and header colours on your tracking page, as well as add up to five navigation links.

To edit the header, first ensure that you are in Edit Mode and that you have clicked Edit Panel with your mouse over the header panel (refer to Add Content to your Branded Page).

On the first tab, you can change the brand logo , its URL and select which favicon you would like to use.


To change the logo, click Replace logo and browse to the required image.

To add a link to the logo, enter the URL where indicated.

To change what favicon you want to use, click Upload your favicon image and select the image you’d like to use.

On the second tab you can select what header colours you want to use.


To change the colours of the navigation text or background, click in the relevant Hex box and enter the Hex value of the required colour. You can enter it using either the keyboard or the colour picker that is displayed when you start typing in the box.

On the third tab, you can supply navigation links for up to five header labels, allowing you to add popular links to your web store:



You can use the up and down arrow tool to the left of each row to drag the links up and down to determine the order in which they are displayed. You can use the delete icons to the right of each row to remove any rows.

By default, there are no navigation links. To add one, click Navigation Links, and enter the name of the label to be displayed, followed by its Navigation URL. To add a further link, click Add link and repeat the process.

Once your logo, favicon, colours and links are as required, click Save and close.

In order for the links to be displayed, ensure that Show navigation links is set to On, using the toggle at the top of the panel.


Error capture is used at each stage of the editing process to ensure that you do not publish content to the live page without completing all the mandatory and linked fields. For example, you cannot save a label above without an associated URL.

You now have a header that will help drive traffic to your site and encourage repeat orders:


You also have a favicon that ensures your customers can easily identify tracking pages with your brand:



Safari and Firefox have a known caching problem. This may cause the customer to see older versions of your favicon. Clearing the cache or refreshing the page might resolve this issue.