Previewing your Subdomain and Brand

Once you have completed the wizard, the following screen is displayed:


You can do any of the following:

  1. Click Back the required number of times to step back through the wizard.

  2. Click Cancel to terminate the wizard and lose all changes.

  3. Click Finish and Preview to display a pop-up that displays your choice of subdomain and asks you to confirm that you are happy with it, e.g.



    You will be unable to modify the subdomain later on without raising a support ticket, and so you should decide now whether or not the name is what you want.

    You can either:

    1. Click Yes, I'm happy in order to preview the entire tracking page. To modify the page, and add further content, go to Add Content to your Branded Page and follow the links there.

    2. Click No, edit subdomain to go back to the initial step of the brand wizard (Brand Name and Subdomain).


    Once your sub domain is live, you will no longer see the sub-domain confirmation prompt if you re-run the brand wizard to update any element of your branding.