Default Language

The next step in the wizard asks you to select a default language for your tracking page:


Select the default language from those listed in the drop-down (refer to Additional Languages for the currently supported languages, and to Custom Translations for how to upload translations for the messages in the editable panels).

This step is mandatory as Delivery Tracker needs to know which language to use in the following cases:

  • The language of the branded tracking page is automatically selected from the consumer's browser settings. However, if this language is not supported by Delivery Tracker, then the page is displayed in the default language selected above.

  • If you have provided translated content for the optional panels, then this will be used automatically. However, if translated content has not been provided, then the content from the default language selected above will be used.


After you have completed this step, you will not be able to change your default language without raising a support ticket, so please check that you are happy with your selection before you proceed.

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