Brand Name and Subdomain

The first thing you need to do is choose the names you want to use to identify your brand:

  1. A Brand name that identifies your brand for selection and configuration purposes, and is used as your seller name in consumer exception messages.

  2. A Subdomain to use as your public-facing brand name. This initially defaults to your entry under Brand name, but you can modify it as required.


The subdomain will appear as the first part of the URL tracking address (refer to Launch your Tracking URL):



Names will be validated to ensure that they are unique. Those including the . or _ character are not supported.

Following validation, it can take up to three working days for a subdomain to become active, at which point an email will be sent to the address on the Delivery Manager retailer account.


At the end of the brand setup, we will ask you to confirm you are happy with your subdomain (refer to Previewing your Subdomain and Brand). Following confirmation, you will not be able to change your subdomain without raising a support ticket, so please check that you are happy with the name of the Subdomain before you proceed.

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