Test your Page

Once your subdomain is live, and some orders have been allocated to carrier services, you can test the tracking URL in your production environment before sharing it with your consumers.

You should verify the following:

  1. Is the tracking URL returning tracked events for the allocated orders? If not, refer first to the table of possible reasons in Page Error Messages.

  2. If you are using own stores, are deliveries to them being tracked? If not, refer first to Why can't Consumers see their Own Store Tracking Data?

  3. Do all the elements on the page, e.g. the ads and returns and exchanges, appear as expected?

  4. Where supplied, are all the header and navigation links and other embedded links going to the right places?

  5. Where supplied, is your promotional or operational message appearing correctly, just below the header?

If you need to modify any of the content, go to Editing your Brand's Tracking Page.

Once you have fully edited and tested your tracking page, continue to Getting the most from Delivery Tracker.

Getting started

  1. Set up your Users and Roles

  2. Create a Brand

  3. Add Content to your Branded Page

  4. Publish your Page

  5. Launch your Tracking URL

  6. Test your Page

  7. Getting the most from Delivery Tracker.