Scanning Consignments to a Trailer

'Scan to trailer' functionality is provided by the use of Manifest Group Codes, each of which is associated with a particular vehicle. You assign each consignment to one of these codes prior to manifesting so that you can then trace consignments to the specific trailer or carton/cage.


Manifest Group Codes (Trailer IDs) can be used across multiple carriers. However, you can only manifest consignments for one single carrier/warehouse combination at a time.

To scan consignments to Manifest Group Codes prior to manifesting, you can either:


Log into the Delivery Manager Delta environment using either the Administrator Login and Password or one of the user accounts that were created:

Click Home and then select the Ready to manifest status, followed by Search, e.g.


Assigning a Manifest Group Code to a single Consignment

Proceed as follows:

  1. Open the required consignment under the Advanced tab.

  2. Go to the Manifest Group Code field at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Enter the required code.

  4. Click the Change Manifest Group button.

  5. Your code is saved and you are taken to the Delivery tab.

Assigning a Manifest Group Code to multiple Consignments

Proceed as follows to assign the same code to multiple consignments:

  1. In the left hand column, tick the boxes against the required consignments.

  2. Click on the Advanced button to display the Assign Manifest Group option.

  3. Enter the required code above the Assign Manifest Group button.

  4. Click the Assign Manifest Group button to save the code to each of the selected consignments.

  5. You are returned to the list of 'Ready to manifest' consignments.