Generating bulk labels

Regardless of whether shipments have been allocated individually or in bulk, you have the option of printing bulk labels for any selection of the allocated consignments.


Log into the Delivery Manager Delta environment using either the Administrator Login and Password or one of the user accounts that were created:

Click Home and then select the Allocated status, followed by Search, to display the orders that have been allocated to carriers but which have not yet had labels printed:



If you only wish to print a single label, select the tick box to the left of the consignment, click the Print icon to the right, and make a selection in the Print dialog to output the label. The status of the consignment automatically changes to Ready to Manifest.

Bulk label generation

Proceed as follows to print multiple labels:

  1. In the left hand column in the above screenshot, tick the boxes against the required consignments.

  2. Click on the Advanced button shown above to display the available bulk options.

  3. Click Print Selected Labels.

  4. A Print dialog is displayed to allow you to select the required printer/output format.

  5. Click Print to output the labels.

  6. The statuses of the consignments change to Ready to Manifest.