You can add adverts to your tracking pages.

This can help drive traffic back to your eCommerce site and encourage more sales.

To add an advert, first ensure that you are in Edit Mode and that you have clicked Edit Panel with your mouse over the advert panel (refer to Add Content to your Branded Page). You can then upload an image, add a clickable link, and optionally overlay some text.

Uploading the image

You upload the image using the Background image panel. To ensure that it is responsive to both desktop and mobile devices, you should supply it in two different versions:

  1. For the desktop version, click Large screen and upload an image of width 1968 pixels x height 800 pixels,

  2. For the smartphone version, click Mobile and upload an image of width 640 pixels x height 800 pixels.

Images must be uploaded in either JPG or PNG format. The maximum file size allowed is 2 mb.

Images must be of the exact dimensions specified above, to maintain quality and image ratios.


Under Image alt tag, you can add the image descriptions for accessibility purposes.

Under Content URL, you can enter a clickable link related to the advert content.

Click Save and close to store your changes.

The optional Content panel

The Content panel allows you to overlay a white panel on the left hand side of your background image.

The panel can include text, a button with a label, and a clickable link.

Whether or not you want to add the Content panel over your image is up to you. By default, it is switched on.

Using the Content panel

If your image does not display messaging or a call to action, the Content panel allows you to add them.

Firstly, check that the switch is set to ON:


This causes the panel to appear over your image in the advert preview:


Complete the panel as follows:

  1. Under Content panel text, enter up to 80 characters describing the advert.

  2. Under Select button style, choose the type of clickable button you want.

  3. Under Button label, enter a label of up to 25 characters.

  4. Under Content URL, enter a web link for the button.


If you do not provide a label, then the image will be displayed without any text.

If you wish to change the button colours, you will need to rerun the wizard and go through the Button colours step.

Click Save and close to store your changes.

Turning the Content panel off

If image already has text and a call to action as parts of the design, you may want to use your own template and turn the Content panel off.

To do this, simply click on the switch to set it to OFF:


After you save your entries, clicking anywhere on the advert will take consumers to the specified Content URL.