Introduction to the Shopify Integration

Shopify is an eCommerce platform for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems. The Metapack Shopify app is a free Shopify marketplace app that integrates with the Metapack Delivery Options API v1. Installing and using this app does not require any development effort.


This integration only supports the Metapack Delivery Options product and does not support any Metapack Shipping products. If you also require a shipping integration, please review the other available integrations here.

Which versions of Shopify are supported by the Metapack Shopify app?

The Metapack Shopify app can be used by Shopify and Shopify Plus users.

What is the main benefit of the Metapack Shopify app?

The Metapack Shopify app enables you to align your front-end delivery promise with your fulfilment operations and thus ensure that you present only accurate shipping options to shoppers.

How does the Metapack Shopify app work with the Delivery Options API?

You can use this integration to present delivery options in product details pages (PDPs) and checkout pages in your eCommerce websites.


For more information about how the app works with the Delivery Options API, see How the Shopify Integration Works.

Are there any constraints or assumptions that affect how the Metapack Shopify app works?

  • Single shipping location (warehouse) per destination country or group of destination countries.

  • Dimensional carrier pricing is not supported.

  • Dangerous and hazardous goods are not supported.

  • English is the only supported language.

  • Does not support Shopify’s native express checkout functionality (Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay).

  • Does not support customised Shopify checkouts.

What must I do before I download the Metapack Shopify app?

  • Determine whether the use-cases and workflows supported by the integration meet your requirements.

  • Obtain access to a Shopify development or production store.