Using the Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS Integration

Pre-carrier selection

Pre-carrier selection is triggered when an order is created. A unique Metapack consignment identifier is created, where it will remain allocated against a valid carrier and service level.

The following SOAP Shipping API method is used by Dispatcher WMS for pre-carrier selection:

  • createAndAllocateConsignmentsWithBookingCode

Parcel packing

An order must be container-picked to a packing bench where it will be parcel-packed.

After the order is repacked:

  • A message is sent to the Metapack Platform and the order is updated to reflect the true sizes, volumes, insurance costs, and so on present within each parcel.

  • The true carrier and service levels are allocated for the final time.


The use of true data is important because an allocation shortage might result in a different carrier and service level being more suitable compared to pre-carrier selection.

When you finish packing a parcel, Dispatcher WMS will trigger the update and allocateConsignmentsWithBookingCode methods of the SOAP Shipping API.

The following SOAP Shipping API methods are also used by Dispatcher WMS for parcel packing:

  • appendParcelsToConsignment

  • deallocate

  • deleteConsignment


Although the default printing process is print by URL, this has been deprecated by Metapack. Therefore, you must engage with Blue Yonder to enable printing by API.


Manifesting is triggered with trailer shipping or shipping confirmation. After an order is shipped, an instruction is sent to the Metapack Platform to manifest all relevant orders.

It triggers the Metapack tracking system, ultimately leading to an email being sent to the recipient stating that the order has been dispatched.

The following SOAP Shipping API method is used by Dispatcher WMS for manifesting:

  • createManifest