Introduction to the Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS Integration

Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS (formerly known as JDA RedPrairie Dispatcher) is a warehouse management system that can be integrated with the Metapack SOAP Shipping API v5.

The integration is designed to augment the parcel packing functionality of Dispatcher WMS, which enables you to pack orders into separate parcels and label them for shipment. The integration provides the option to use the Metapack allocation engine and carrier library.


This integration cannot be used with the Metapack REST Shipping API.

Which versions of Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS are covered by this integration?

  • 2009-present

What does this integration cover?

  • Pre-carrier selection

  • Parcel packing

  • Manifesting

What does this integration not support?

  • Dangerous and hazardous goods

  • EU Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) fields used for creating consignments

  • PUDO allocation

  • ZPL labels

  • Returns label in a box


If you want the integration to support to any of these capabilities, you can ask Blue Yonder to modify Dispatcher WMS at additional cost.

What are the benefits of this integration?

  • Provides access to the Metapack carrier library.

  • Enables you to pick by carrier/service level.

  • Uses the Metapack allocation engine to determine the best carrier through the fulfilment process.

Which shipping workflows are supported by this integration?

  • Rate shopping

  • Pre-ship picking optimisation

  • Ship and release


If you want the integration to support the Ship and hold or Scan to trailer workflows, you can ask Blue Yonder to modify Dispatcher WMS at additional cost.

Are there any constraints or assumptions that affect how this integration works?

  • If you are using a recent version of Dispatcher WMS and you want to use the SOAP Shipping API to print labels, you will have to ask Blue Yonder to modify Dispatcher WMS at additional cost.

  • The integration double-allocates consignments. At pre-picking, instead of querying for the best carrier, a consignment is created and allocated, but at the pack bench the allocation is deleted and updated and a new tracking number provided.

Which SOAP Shipping API methods are supported this integration?






Create one or more consignments and allocate them using a booking code.


Allocate one or more unallocated consignments using a booking code.


Deallocate a consignment prior to its deletion.



Update specific numeric and text properties of an unallocated consignment that is defined at consignment level, not at parcel level.


Use the parcels array to add one or more parcels to a consignment. (The parcels array holds details of each itemised parcel specified in the parcel count.)


Delete a consignment.



Add "ready-to-manifest" consignments due to be despatched today to a manifest.

What must I do before I acquire this integration?

  • Determine whether the use-cases and workflows supported by the integration meet your requirements.

  • Determine whether your version of the Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS is supported by the integration.