Blue Yonder Dispatcher WMS Integration FAQ

Does this integration have any administration capabilities?

No, this integration cannot be used to administer users, data, or other Metapack SOAP Shipping API integrations.

Does this integration require any data migration?

No, data migration issues are not relevant to this integration.

Does this integration support data retention?

Yes. Retention/archiving of labels and customs documents is your responsibility.

Does this integration support data purging?

Use the standard WMS software purging/archiving processes to purge all data.

Can this integration be upgraded, extended, or customised?

The integration can be changed by Blue Yonder.

Any changes, including maintenance requests, will be treated as change requests.

How do I troubleshoot this integration?

If your use-cases are covered by the integration, you are unlikely to experience any problems while using the integration.

Who supports this integration?

Metapack does not have a support contract with Blue Yonder for bug fixes.

Therefore, if you have a contract with Blue Yonder, you must raise support queries with Blue Yonder. Alternatively, if you have a contract with a Blue Yonder partner, you must raise support queries with that partner.

If a query requires any changes, Blue Yonder would provide a quote for the cost.

How do I report a problem with this integration?

Contact Metapack Support.