Introduction to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that can be integrated with the Metapack SOAP Shipping API v5. The Dynamics 365 Business Central system is available in an online hosted (SaaS) version and an on-premise version for manual deployment and administration.

The integration is designed to use the SOAP Shipping API for warehouse or store fulfilment. The integration enables sellers to:

  • Set rules to intelligently select the right delivery service for each order.

  • Generate carrier-compliant labels and customs documents for thousands of delivery services.

  • Generate manifests for consignments and send them to the relevant carriers, ready for collection and shipping.


This integration cannot be used with the Metapack REST Shipping API.

Which versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are covered by this integration?

  • 2018-present (Essential and Premium editions)

What does this integration cover?

  • Allocation

  • Label generation

  • Manifesting

What does this integration not support?

  • Dangerous and hazardous goods

  • EU Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) fields used for creating consignments

  • PUDO allocation

  • ZPL labels

  • Returns label in a box

What are the benefits of this integration?

  • Provides access to the Metapack label library.

  • Enables you to pick by carrier/service level.

  • Uses the Metapack allocation engine to determine best carrier through the fulfilment process.

Which shipping workflows are supported by this integration?

  • Rate shopping

  • Ship and release

  • Manifesting


Rate shopping (or allocation) is done at packing when you create a consignment. Consignments are marked as "ready to manifest" at label print.

Are there any constraints or assumptions that affect how this integration works?

  • English is the only supported language.

Which SOAP Shipping API methods are supported this integration?






Create one or more consignments and allocate them using a booking code.


Deallocate a consignment prior to its deletion.



Assign a manifest group code to an array of consignments in readiness for manifesting.


Delete a consignment.


Reprint all documents for a consignment.



Add “ready-to-manifest” consignments to a post-dated manifest and clear the consignments from the current transactional flow.


Create a printed manifest.

What must I do before I acquire this integration?

  • Determine whether the use-cases and workflows supported by the integration meet your requirements.

  • Determine whether your version of Microsoft Business Central is supported by the integration.