Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration FAQ

Does this integration have any administration capabilities?

No, this integration cannot be used to administer users, data, or other Metapack SOAP Shipping API integrations.

Does this integration require any data migration?

No, data migration issues are not relevant to this integration.

Does this integration support data retention?

Yes. Retention/archiving of labels and customs documents is your responsibility.

Does this integration support data purging?

This integration uses standard Microsoft Business Central data management policies.

Can this integration be upgraded, extended, or customised?

Yes. For more information, contact iDyam Solutions.

Below are two examples of how the integration can be upgraded, extended, or customised.

Adding event handling in Packing Shipments app

Minor additional development is (probably) required to process the user input on the packing bench

[EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Codeunit, Codeunit::"ngr Packing Helper", 'OnPackBenchInput', '', true, true)]
local procedure OnPackBenchInput(ConsignDoc: Record "ngr Consignment Doc";
    Allowed: List of [Enum "ngr Bench Action"];
    var Handled: Boolean;
    var Input: Text)
// "Allowed" = list of valid actions, e.g.: if (Allowed.Contains("ngr Bench Action"::"/SaleDoc")) then ... 
// "Handled" = set to true if you are changing the "Input". 
// "Input" = the original input from the user, which your code could now change, e.g.: if you can find 
//           a document associated with the input then change this to be the found document number. 
Adding special delivery instructions in Metapack Essential

Minor additional development is required to extract the instructions text(s) for each specified order/shipment within the following event subscriber function.

[EventSubscriber(ObjectType::Codeunit, Codeunit::"mpk Essentials Setup", 'OnGetSpecialInstructions', '', false, false)]
local procedure OnGetSpecialInstruct(WhseShipDoc: Code[20]; SourceTable: Integer; Subtype: Integer; SourceNum: Code[20];
    var Instruct1: Text;
    var Instruct2: Text)
// Populate the Instruct1 and Instruct2 texts from the specified warehouse shipment / order (line) document. 

How do I troubleshoot this integration?

If your use-cases are covered by the integration, you are unlikely to experience any problems while using the integration.

Who supports this integration?

Microsoft partner iDyam Solutions is the chosen partner of Metapack for this integration. iDyam Solutions can provide installation, training, and other services for the integration.

How do I report a problem with this integration?

Contact Metapack Support.