Release Notes for April 2022

Enhancements (Cog_High_Green_Touchup.png) and fixes (Bug_High_Yellow_Touchup_Darker.png) released in April 2022

New native carrier integrations

Colis Privé is a private home delivery operator headquartered in France. The integration covers the following:

  • Home delivery services in France, Monaco, and the United Kingdom.

  • Next day delivery services in France and the UK.

  • Store delivery services in France.

International Bridge is headquartered in the United States and provides high-quality, small-parcel shipping services to some of the largest ecommerce-retailers in the world. The integration covers several parcel delivery services in the United States.

Delivery Manager

New SOAP Shipping API parameter for indicating order discounts and rebates in customs documents

The SOAP Shipping API now includes a totalDiscountValue parameter, which is optional and is used at consignment level.

For more information, refer to ???.

Delivery Manager

Usability improvements in Delivery Tracker

The user interface of Delivery Tracker has been enhanced as follows:

  • It is now easier to delete the contents of a populated editable field.

  • Optional UI controls are now indicated clearly.

  • The UI no longer displays a progress bar for a delivered parcel.

Delivery Tracker

Upgraded Carrier Performance Overview report for Advanced plan of Metapack Intelligence

If you are using the Advanced plan of Intelligence, you can now access an upgraded version of the Carrier Performance Overview report, which provides the following additional capabilities not available in the Entry plan:

  • The drill through report has extra fields that include timestamps.

  • There is one year of selectable data in the report. (The Entry version of this report has only 90 days of data.)

Metapack Intelligence

Other upgraded reports for Advanced plan of Metapack Intelligence

If you are using the Advanced plan of Intelligence, the following reports have been enhanced as follows:

  • The Carrier On-time report now supports one year of data and aggregation by date.

  • The Carrier Early Deliveries report now supports one year of data.

  • The Carrier Late Deliveries report now supports one year of data.

Metapack Intelligence

Changes to Carrier Performance Overview report of Metapack Intelligence

If you are using the Entry or Advanced plans of Intelligence, the report has been changed as follows:

  • The chart title is now Delivery overview by carrier.

  • The chart is now sorted so that positive performing carriers are displayed on the left and those with high percentages of late deliveries are displayed on the right.

Metapack Intelligence