Introduction to the Adobe Commerce Integration

Adobe Commerce (formerly known as Magento Commerce) is an eCommerce platform as a service. The Metapack Magento app is a free Magento marketplace app that integrates with the Metapack Delivery Options API v1, Metapack Delivery Manager, and the Metapack SOAP Shipping API v5. Installing and using this app do not require any development effort.


This integration cannot be used with the Metapack REST Shipping API.

Which versions of Adobe Commerce are supported by the Metapack Magento app?

The Metapack Magento app works only with version Adobe Commerce 2.4 (Commerce on Cloud (ECE)).


The app does not work with earlier versions of Magento Commerce or with other Magento products, such as Magento Open Source (formerly known as Magento Community Edition).

What is the main benefit of the Metapack Magento app?

The Metapack Magento app enables you to align your front-end delivery promise with your fulfilment operations and thus ensure that you present only accurate shipping options to shoppers.

How does the Metapack Magento app work with the Delivery Options API?

You can use this integration to present delivery options in product details pages (PDPs), mini-carts, and checkout pages in your eCommerce websites.


For more information about how the app works with the Delivery Options API, see How the Adobe Commerce Integration Works.

How does the Metapack Magento app work with Delivery Manager and the SOAP Shipping API?

For each order, you can use the Magento Admin app to allocate consignments and print labels and customs documentation.

Are there any constraints or assumptions that affect how the Metapack Magento app works?

  • Single shipping origin

  • Single parcel consignments

Which SOAP Shipping API methods are supported by the Metapack Magento app?






Create one or more consignments and allocate them using a booking code.


Deallocate a consignment prior to its deletion.



Reprint all documents for a consignment.


Delete a consignment.



Adds "Ready to Manifest" consignments due to be despatched today to a manifest.

What must I do before I download the Metapack Magento app?

  • Determine whether the use-cases and workflows supported by the integration meet your requirements.

  • Determine whether your version of Adobe Commerce is supported by the app.