How can it help me?

The Service Level report provides a heat map of late deliveries during the last 50-day rolling period, highlighting deficient and at risk markets.


You can set your own thresholds to change which markets are highlighted.

The report allows you to slice the data by warehouse, carrier, carrier service, parcel weight, parcel volume, ISO week, service group and market.

You can use the report to:

  1. Identify the deficient and at risk areas of the delivery chain. The Transport Manager can do this by slicing the report by warehouse and then drilling through to the deficient markets (highlighted in red), and at risk markets (highlighted in amber), to establish the reasons.

  2. Detect where carrier SLAs are not being met by setting the red and amber thresholds that correspond to these SLAs. The Transport Manager can view the performance of a carrier or their individual services in the SLA Performance and Average Predicted SLA Target columns and then drill through to the Late Service Level Report to find out which postcodes are suffering the worst service.

  3. Investigate consumer complaints related to individual packages. Customer Service Operatives do this by drilling through to the Late Parcels tab.