Using the filters and switches

In addition to the global filters previously described, the report provides the filters and switches highlighted in the following screenshot:



The Recipient City and Recipient Province filters are not currently available.

Display Type

The Display switch allows you to change the type of content displayed in the graph:


You can switch the display between the absolute package counts (the Manifested Parcels default), the Weight of the parcels in kg, or their Cubic Volume (i.e. volume in cubic metres).

Date View

The Date View switch allows you to set the time period for the graph:


You can switch between showing the package counts/weights/volumes by ISO week (the Year-Week default), and showing them by Year, Year-Month, Year-Day or Weekday.

Combining the switches

The combination of one or more of the above switches allows you to quickly see when your peak times are for different volume types.

For example, the following graph shows the weekdays on which peak cubic volumes were shipped: