How can it help me?

The Exception Performance report displays a heat map of at risk and failing markets during the last 50-day rolling period.

The report uses preset thresholds to highlight which trade lanes are blocked owing to failed deliveries or which have other exception statuses and are at risk.

The report allows you to slice the data by warehouse, carrier, carrier service, parcel weight, parcel volume, ISO week, service group and market.

You can use the report to:

  1. Detect where markets have blocked trade lanes. You do this by clicking on failing countries (highlighted in red) and seeing which of the trade lanes in those countries have unacceptable amounts of failed deliveries. The Transport Manager can then decide whether a change of carrier is required for the trade lanes in question.

  2. Step through orders in a failing market (highlighted in amber) that, without intervention, are unlikely to proceed onwards to delivery. Customer Service Operatives do this by drilling through to the Exception Details tab.