How can it help me?

The Data Quality Dashboard allows you to quickly cycle through your carriers to see which ones are associated with large numbers of 'suspect' parcels.


'Suspect' parcels include those where the carrier collects and processes the consignment before the advice has been manifested, incorrect data tracking scans, and general exceptions and failures.

The dashboard summarises the in-depth analyses provided by the Scan Latency Analysis report and Carrier Scan Completeness report.

Each measure for an individual carrier or carrier service is broken down by issue type, with the individual volume for each type being displayed on a line graph.

The report allows you to:

  1. Identify which carriers have unacceptably high volumes of 'suspect' parcels, and which are the common issue types.

  2. Escalate the carrier issues to eCommerce Analysts, making them aware that other Delivery Intelligence reports (e.g. the Carrier Review and Live Status report) cannot be relied upon until the issues are resolved.

The report uses the last 50 days of transactional data but there is no built-in drill through capability.