How can it help me?

The Carrier Performance by Delivery Data report tells you how carriers performed in meeting customers' Guaranteed Delivery Dates during the last 50-day rolling period, and allows you to drill through to a Parcel Details tab.

The report provides both volume and time period breakdowns by delivery status (Tracked, Early, On Time, Late and In Transit), and a pie chart breakdown of the Reasons for Lates. For example, a certain percentage could have been caused by Late Pickup, which is down to failings in the warehouse as the carrier was not provided with the parcels prior to the cut-off time.


There is also an Aggregated Performance tab that allows you to see the same performance breakdowns but for aggregated parcel counts for the last 3 years. However, as it is not transactional data, there is no drill through to this tab.

You can use the report to:

  1. Review whether customer delivery promises are being met in selected trade lanes. You do this by using the Actual Delivery performance metric in conjunction with the Performance by Manifest Date chart to view Late and In Transit deliveries. Customer Service Operatives can then drill through to the Parcel Details tab to look up individual parcels and manage customer expectations.

  2. View the performance of a carrier or their individual services by selecting the required trade lanes and looking at the associated Performance by Volume chart to see the number of parcels that were late or are still in transit. If this is viewed in conjunction with the Performance by Manifest Date chart, the Transport Manager can view the pattern over time and use it as the basis of a discussion with the carrier.

  3. Analyse why parcels are being flagged as late, by reviewing the Reason For Lates bar chart.