How can it help me?

The Scan Latency Analysis report gives you an overall view of how fresh your data is, showing you the time lag between carrier scans and the appearance of those scans in your system.

It looks at scan dates during the last 30 days, displaying a bar graph that shows, for each day, the orders scanned as compared against the average scan latency (i.e. lag) in hours and minutes.

The exact scan filter allows you to only show the data for specific scan events (otherwise, by default, the report shows the overall carrier plus parcel tracking latency).

You can use the report to:

  1. Detect those carriers and carrier services for which there is unacceptable scan latency. Individual exact scan events can be selected to prove to the carriers which events are having the most negative effect on their overall latency.

  2. In conjunction with the Carrier Scan Completeness report, gauge the accuracy of your exception and other reporting (e.g. the Carrier Review and Live Status report may not be able to be relied upon until there is an improvement in the latency of your scanned carrier events).

Drilling through from a cell in a trade lane takes you to a separate Scans by Order tab so that you can see the scans that are causing the associated latency.


In the Service Level report and Carrier Performance by Delivery Date reports, you can leave All selected for Scanned into Carrier Network?, so that data is shown for all parcels, regardless of whether or not they have been scanned.