How can it help me?

The Short Ship report shows 'underage', i.e. the numbers of parcels that have been manifested without being scanned for pickup.

The report is for the last 50-day rolling period, and the numbers are broken down by time period (numbers of hours and then, in the worst cases, days). You can intervene in specific orders under a time period by drilling through to a Pickup Exceptions tab.

You can use the report to:

  1. Detect those carriers that are not having all their parcels picked up, so that you as a seller can determine whether it is down to you as a seller, in that not all packages are being handed over for pickup, or whether the carriers are not scanning them correctly.

  2. Address the parcels that have not been picked up. Customer Service Operatives can drill through to the parcels that have not been scanned for pickup and ensure that they are actioned.

  3. Gauge the likely accuracy of the other reports in Delivery Intelligence because, if less than 100% of parcels are being picked up, this means that tracking data will inevitably be incomplete, resulting in false-positive delivery failure statuses.