How can it help me?

The Carrier Scan Completeness report highlights any lack of tracking data caused by incomplete carrier scans.

It does this by showing the discrepancies between the numbers of parcels that were despatched, the numbers that were picked up by carriers, and the numbers that were 'completed'.

The report allows you to:

  1. Look at shipments in selected trade lanes in particular ISO weeks, and find out the percentages of parcels for which tracking is incomplete. If the percentage is consistently below 100%, then it should be flagged to the carrier.

  2. In conjunction with the Scan Latency Analysis report, gauge the accuracy of your exception and other reporting (e.g. the Carrier Review and Live Status report may not be able to be relied upon until there is an improvement in the completeness of your scanned carrier events).

  3. Show the date as far as which other Delivery Intelligence reports can be relied upon. This is the date on which the three lines in the graph (parcel count, parcels tracked, and parcels completed) start to diverge, indicating that you are starting to miss tracking data.

  4. Show which carrier services are configured correctly and returning tracking data.

  5. Show if there is an operational issue in terms of specific carriers not returning tracking data, and flag the dates on which the tracking stopped.

  6. Investigate specific packages that are due for delivery but still in transit. For example, you can edit the Manifest Date Range to review specific days by which all shipments should have completed. Where there is a discrepancy between the parcel count and the number of parcels completed, Customer Service Operatives can drill through to the incomplete parcels to investigate.

The report uses the last 50 days of transactional data, which allows you to drill through to specific orders in a trade lane and display them in a separate Tracking Incomplete tab.


In the Service Level report and Carrier Performance by Delivery Date reports, you can leave All selected for Scanned into Carrier Network?, so that data is shown for all parcels, regardless of whether or not they have been scanned.