Using the Blue Yonder Discrete WMS Integration

Discrete WMS makes use of MOCA, which is a proprietary Blue Yonder layered service-oriented architecture (SOA).

MOCA commands

After Discrete WMS has been installed and configured, you use the following overridden versions of standard WMS MOCA commands, which provide the integration to the SOAP Shipping API.


All of the commands are stored in the metapack folder under the LES directory path of the WMS software (\LES\src\cmdsrc\metapack). The command level for the folder is between USR and VAR.



create pm

Initiates consignment creation from the Discrete WMS Manifesting screen.

create metapack package

create metapack consignment

Controls processing for creating consignments or appending additional parcels to an existing consignment.

If an append is made and the selected carrier does not support it, the returned error is caught and a new consignment is created automatically.

create metapack consignment xml

Formats the XML message.

create metapack parcel append xml

Formats the append XML message.

create metapack paperwork for carton

Creates the paperwork for an appended parcel.

create metapack paperwork

(Not implemented)

create metapack return label

If a returns label is required, creates individual consignment for each parcel using the configured Returns carrier.


This command cannot be used for international deliveries.

create metapack return label xml

Formats XML for a returns label. Sender and recipient details are reversed from main consignment.

create metapack manifest package

Updates custom metapack_manfst table.

change metapack manifest package

Updates custom metapack_manfst table.

remove pm package

Called from the Discrete WMS Shipping/Manifesting screen.

remove metapack package

Voids individual parcel or entire consignment from the Metapack Platform.

remove metapack return package

Deletes any returns consignments associated with the voided parcel.

remove metapack manifest package

Called from the Discrete WMS Shipping/Parcel screen.

close web pm manifest

Called from Discrete WMS Shipping/Parcel screen.

close metapack manifest

Closes and manifests all consignments for a given carrier.

create metapack manifest pdf

If configured, will generate printed manifest.

close metapack return manifest

Closes and manifests all consignments for the returns carrier.

get metapack delivery options

Find the cheapest costs and associated delivery options for a proposed consignment if a particular booking code was used.

purge metapack manifest table

Called by job (to be configured) to purge records from the custom metapack_manfst table.

Utility supporting commands called by MOCA commands



add metapack parcel xml segment

Formats XML message for parcel segment.

add metapack sender address to xml

Formats XML for sender address.

add metapack recipient address to xml

Formats XML for recipient address.

add metapack parameters to xml

Formats XML for document parameters (labels and customs documents).

get metapack connection data

Gets connection details, such as URL, user name, and password.

get metapack enabled status

Gets status if the Metapack Platform is the enabled parcel system.

get metapack measurement units

Gets the systems measurement unit (metric or imperial).

create metapack envelope xml

Formats the XML envelope.

convert metapack dates to numeric strings

Converts dates returned from the Metapack Platform.