Setting up your users

Once we're happy that your shipping platform has been configured correctly, your shipping data will be connected to the Looker reporting suite.

You can then send us a list of users you'd like set up and we'll sort that for you by providing the required user IDs and log ins.

Please verify that you and your other users can log in and access the reports.

Refer to your plan for the number of users that can be set up.

Some notes on the use of Looker

Looker is supported by all major browsers. You are advised to use a browser on a desktop or laptop, as Intelligence has not been fully optimised for tablets and mobiles.

Metapack continues to invest in the development and upgrade of Intelligence, with new Looker workbooks being added based on market needs.

In line with this, Metapack may, at their discretion, choose to provide additional report content or changes in line with their own SaaS release methodology. This means that, by using Intelligence, you automatically consent to being part of a multi-tenancy environment.


Although this document covers the Looker report workbooks used by Intelligence, it is not intended to be a comprehensive user guide to the Looker product itself. It only covers the report content specifically developed by Metapack.